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The BIG List of Petition Websites


Online Petitions

Online petitions are written requests that are shared and signed by many people. The goals are to raise awareness and action around causes. Most petitions are free to create and some websites offer paid promotion options by facilitating the collection of donations.

Petitions are usually shared through email forwards, social media accounts, and news coverage. They are part of the democratization of the internet and can be used as a powerful tool for social good with campaigns that range from freeing pets to saving lives from religious persecution.

Complaints about petitions are worth noting when creating your campaign. Critics say that petitions are a method of lazy, unengaged, armchair activism, that misleads participants into believing a click is enough to bring about change. Petition websites allow users to obfuscate their identity. This raises uncertainty about the legitimacy of campaigns and the safety of information, since websites, hackers, and hostile regimes can still capture IP addresses.

List of Petition Websites

NameWebsiteTaglineNotesCan Anyone Start a Petition?
Judicial Watchhttp://www.judicialwatch.org/Because no one is above the law!USA, conservative No
MoveOnhttp://front.moveon.org/Democracy in ActionUSA, progressive, public policy, advocacy groupYes
Change.orghttps://www.change.org/The world's platform for change.Certified B corporationYes
The White Househttps://petitions.whitehouse.gov/WE the PEOPLEPolitical, USAYes
UK Government and Parliament
https://petition.parliament.uk/UKAnyone can start a petition as long as they are a British citizen or UK resident
Care2http://www.care2.com/The world's largest community for goodGlobal
PETAhttp://www.peta.org/action/action-alerts/Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way. No
Petition Buzzhttps://www.petitionbuzz.com/It's time to make a changeInternationalYes
Amnesty Internationalhttps://www.amnesty.org/en/get-involved/take-action/Take action for a fairer world todayInternationalNo
Thunderclaphttps://www.thunderclap.itAmplify your messageInternationalYes

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