Visitor FAQs

The WunderSpot Project provides educational tools for people who are passionate about social change; it lets visitors discover as well as patronize businesses who are socially responsible, and it features events that bring together a socially responsible community.

Businesses share their efforts in the product description section. They level of social responsibility can be advanced, where everything that they do is socially responsible (100% ethically-sourced products, fair wages, etc.) to beginners who are new to social responsibility but donate a portion of their sales directly to charity. In a free market model, buyers can choose products and services from companies who resonate with their own socially responsible philosophies.

The WunderSpot Project does not represent any religious or political group.

No. Vendors on The WunderSpot Project do not raise their prices on The WunderSpot Project. In the United States, a tax write-off applies to the portion paid above the market price. Consult a tax professional for advice.


Small Business FAQs

The WunderSpot Project provides a complimentary service for businesses to list products and services, and designate a portion of proceeds to social good companies.

Consumers can use the WunderSpot 5-star review system (1 is for poor and 5 is amazing) to review purchases.
Please note that reviews can only be left for items that have been sold through The WunderSpot Project.

The seller ships your merchandise or performs the service. The WunderSpot Project does not hold any inventory.

Businesses can sell products and services on The WunderSpot Project and allocate a minimum of 10% of proceeds for their chosen social good entity. By way of example, if a business sells an item worth $100, the business receives $90 from the sale (less any PayPal fees) and the designated nonprofit receives $10 (less any PayPal fees). Contact your tax professional with questions. harge.

Yes, click on the featured charity link and you will see other ways that you can help.

NonProfit FAQs

The WunderSpot Project provides a complimentary service for Individuals, Nonprofits and other social good entities to share their story of social change.

You can tell us about yourself here.

There is no cost for nonprofits to be featured in The WunderSpot Project.