How to Get a Job at the United Nations

Getting Started as an Outsider, Without Experience

The United Nations is perceived favorably by the international community as well as job seekers. Competition is intense to get a job at the United Nations and positions for those without mid-career experience are harder to come by at the NYC headquarters than those at other locations. Some candidates start with unconventional paths that demonstrate their ability to do the job. Watch this video where UN worker Tanya De Mello talks about how she started working with the United Nations. This was not an immediate avenue for her. It took determination and chance, but it proves that when you step outside of your comfort zone, there is magic to be found!

After the magical seed is planted, be sure to visit the BIG List of Social Good Job Boards, which includes links to contractor positions at the United Nations. And remember, the United Nations never charges candidates to apply to work with them!