We are two, social-entrepreneur sisters who grew up on an island in the Caribbean. Our home was near forests whose earthy scents hinted when the rains would arrive. Life was seasoned colorfully with local food, carnival, beaches, and laughter. All the while, gentle steel band played in the background.


This ‘Pan’, as we called it, wasn’t the music that you hear at touristy resorts. Rather, it was the sincere melody of unknown artists. It emanated from nowhere but was there, off in the subtle distance, connecting every soul in our nation.


We have long since migrated to the United States. Renee Dominique lives in New York City, where she worked for companies such as Harper's Bazaar, Niche Media, and Groupon. Simone Dominique lives in South Florida where she worked with publicly traded financial companies and now consults with social good organizations that tackle climate change, water resilience and women's empowerment issues.


We are often times separated by geography but remain united in our belief that any person can make a difference in a nation.